Simplified administration
on all levels

Streamline policy, client & claims administration with our all-in-one insurance software solution. Simplify the entire insurance lifecycle and improve your bottom line with powerful tools designed to help you provide exceptional service to your clients.

Control all your administrative processes in one unified platform.

Take your insurance processes to the next level

Policy Management
With secure and reliable cloud storage, you never have to go back to long paper trails and spreadsheets.
Client Management
Seamlessly onboard client data and manage all your client relationships in one place.
Generate accurate reports to keep track of your business. Gain the information you need to make informed decisions.
Branch Management
Effortlessly manage insurance operations across all your branches and collect vital information.
Streamlined policy management.

Our insurance software's administration features provide a streamlined policy management process that allows you to easily create, update, and manage policies. You can configure different policy types and coverage options, set commission rates, and automate underwriting workflows, all from a single platform.

Automated underwriting

360° policy management

Simplified renewal process

Travel Insurance


Upcoming Renewal

Home Insurance



Group Life



Goods in Transit


market woman microinsurance

Make claims processing a breeze.

Take advantage of our robust claims administration features that allow you to manage the entire claims process, from claim submission to settlement. You can easily track and manage claims, assign adjusters, track claim costs, and analyze claim trends.

Efficiently manage your clients.

Efficiently manage your client data, including contact information, policy history, and claims data. You can easily search and filter client data, view policy details, and create reports on client performance and engagement.

Lead tracking and organization

Communication management

Lead conversion analytics


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