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Insurerity Digital empowers Insurance companies and brokers across Ghana and Africa to efficiently manage and underwrite policies.

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Go digital with Insurerity

Take your Insurance policy processing and administration to the next level.

Client management
Control your customer acquisition and management process with state-of-the art software.
Digital Administration
Create, Underwrite, Review and Manage Insurance policies from any location in the world in real-time.
Claims management
Take advantage of Insurerity Claim to fully automate and control your claims process.
Realtime reporting
Keep yourself up-to-date with information about important events as they happen.

Everything in one place

From Microinsurance software to brokerage and aggregation software, our fully integrated software solution suite ensures that your business processes are always unified.

Onboard clients faster
Using our client applications, you can immensely shorten the client onboarding process.
Unmatched speed
With modern software powering our systems, you are assured of instant processing of your policies and claims.
Full Cloud storage
With Insurerity, all your important data is fully stored and backed-up in the cloud, so you never lose any records.
Meaningful analytics
Get relevant data about how your insurance metrics and how your business is performing.

Integrate with Insurerity using well documented APIs
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Do you want to use our core insurance brokerage software? We make it very simple for developers to add portions of their own apps to gain access to the extensive functionality and benefits provided by Insurerity's software. Insurerity has it all protected, from automating policy purchase and claims processing to integrating with the NICMID.

Highly scalable
Our core systems are engineered from the ground up to scale and work optimally for your enterprise.
Integration support
Our team of dedicated engineers is available to support and offer professional assistance to make the integration process go as smoothly as possible.
Concise documentation
Our APIs are documented in clean and plain language to help developers understand and work faster with our system.
Build awesome software
Build top shelf Insurance products powered by Insurerity to meet all your business requirements.

curl https://sandbox.insurerity.com/client/address
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY 🤫"
-H "sessionToken: CLIENT_SESSION_TOKEN 🤫"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d '{
      "addressInfo": [
          "region": "Greater Accra",
          "city": "Accra",
          "address": "Insurerity HQ",
          "name": "Cassius Clay",
          "phoneNumber": "0200000000"

curl https://sandbox.insurerity.com/client/policies/:policyNum
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY 🤫"
-H "sessionToken: CLIENT_SESSION_TOKEN 🤫"

curl https://sandbox.insurerity.com/client/transactions
-H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY 🤫"
-H "sessionToken: CLIENT_SESSION_TOKEN 🤫"

Secure your entire Insurance process

From customer onboarding to claim processing, our strict compliance checks and policies offer 360-degree surveillance to ensure the security of your entire insurance operation.

Top notch security
When using Insurerity software, you can be rest assured that you and only you has can access your organization's data.
Fraud protection
Using our SecureClaim features, protect yourself against targeted Insurance claim fraud and related activities.
Secure client data
With Insurerity, your sensitive client data is always well protected and secure in our systems, not even we can see it.

Grow your business with Insurerity

Top insurance companies in Ghana are processing thousands of policies and reaching new clients using Insurerity's suite of software products. Insurerity fully automates the client acquisition process giving you the power to manage and reach thousands of your clients with the click of a button. Our analytics solutions also give you detailed reports on monthly and quarterly growths for your insurance company.

Detailed reporting
Get refined statistics about information like your policy sales and commisions, claims payouts and client information.
Serve clients from anywhere
Access your administrator dashboard from any internet enabled device to start serving your clients.
Automatic transaction handling
With our integrated online policy purchase checkout, your clients can pay through a wide range of online payment methods.

Seamless payment integration

Clients may use InsurePay to pay for their insurance premiums using a range of safe online payment options at their convenience. We have you secured for Mobile Money, Credit Cards, and even bank transfers.

Automatic invoicing

Get alerted through your preferred notification channels each time you make a payment for a policy on any of Insurerity's suite of digital products.

Fantastic transaction success rates

When you use InsurePay, you may be certain that your transaction will always be successful. In the unlikely event that your payment fails, we will still have alternate payment options for your policy.

Our products

We provide software products for three types of participants in the insurance industry. Insurance brokers, Digital agents and Microinsurance companies. By using multiple technologies, we are able to provide personalized solutions which cater to the needs of each category to maximize and improve the efficiency of the entire insurance process.

Insurerity for Brokers

Our business-centric brokerage software platform is developed to facilitate insurance institutions. Whether you're underwriting policies, or dealing with claims we have everything under control for your digital management.

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Insurerity for Digital Agents

Through our Digital Agent program, Insurerity gives the way to more modest organizations to offer Insurance to customers through advanced channels and gather their commisions.

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Insurerity for Microinsurance

For microinsurers who want to cover a wider range of people, Insurance provides tailor-made solutions, such as USSD or IVR applications, which are no different from our mainstream brokerage software.

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Insurerity has significantly improved how we process and underwrite applications at KEK. We can now process policies in record time. It's the ideal solution for our business.

Kukie Essel-KoomsonMarketing BDU - KEK

As one of Ghana's first Insuretech startups, Insurerity is transforming the market through its digital product innovation and focusing on the industry from a purely technological angle.

Samuel OpokuAHK Ghana

Insurerity Digital has proven to be an excellent investment for Ghana's expanding insurance sector. There is a lot of scope to spread into the rest of Africa.

Simon TurnerMD - Founder Institute of Ghana

Used by thousands of customers

With the support of Insurerity's brokerage platform, Bedrock Insurance Ghana is able to expand and automate its process, from draft to purchase.

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