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This page is currently under construction, but will be live soon! In the meantime check out our insurance products and the value they offer to the insurance industry.

Our products

We provide software products for three types of participants in the insurance industry. Insurance brokers, Insurance companies and Microinsurance companies. By using multiple technologies, we are able to provide personalized solutions which cater to the needs of each category to maximize and improve the efficiency of the entire insurance process.

Insurerity for Brokers

Our business-centric brokerage software platform is developed to facilitate insurance brokerage. Using our lead management pipelines, reach new clients and process all their insurance activities efficiently using our software.

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Insurerity for Insurers

Leverage our platform to create new insurance products and get them to market in record time. Underwrite your policies easily and efficiently using our wide range of software tools.

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Insurerity for Microinsurance

For microinsurers who want to cover a wider range of people, Insurance provides tailor-made solutions, such as USSD or IVR applications, which are no different from our mainstream brokerage software.

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