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Say goodbye to manual data entry

With Insurerity, you never have to worry about manually entering each motor policy into the NICMID. Any motor policy bought through Insurerity is processed through our sophisticated data management systems and is uploaded automatically. If a mistake happens, our system notifies you, so you still know what's going on.

Step 1
Initial policy purchase
When a motor insurance policy is purchased on any of Insurerity's systems, a number of automatic procedures are launched to ensure that the details associated with the policy is correct.
step 1
Step 2
Motor policies that are waiting to be uploaded to the MID are checked and authorised in bulk to ensure that the most reliable and standard material is submitted.
step 1
Step 3
Upload policy to NICMID
From here, our system takes over and executes the required computations and data transformations to ensure compliance with MID requirements. Following that, the policy is submitted to the MID.
step 1
Step 4
Once the policy has been successfully obtained by the MID, you will receive all relevant information associated with it In the event of a failure, you're also notified.
step 1

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